• NPC Purchase is how much it would cost to buy it from the npc (if possible)
  • NPC Sell is how much you would get if you sold it to an npc
  • Price Range is how much the item is actually worth

Name NPC Purchase NPC Sell Price Range
Rusty Blade
Daicard Sword 420 140
Daicard Sword M 420 140
Katus Sword 1260 420
Katus Sword M 1260 420
Zark Sword 2310 770
Zark Sword M 2310 770
Geometric Designed Sword
Corona Sword
Corona Sword M
Tibae Sword
Tibae Sword M
Hard Steel Sword
Rock Cutting Sword 1866
Shapetus Sword
Beginner's Sword
Beginner's Sword M
Blacksmith's Sword
Sharan Sword
Sharan Sword M
Emerald Sword
Jeek Sword
Jeek Sword M
Lavon Sword
Lavon Sword M
Manatoren Sword
Manatoren Sword M
Intermediate's Sword
Intermediate's Sword M
Moonlight Sword
Warmash Sword
Warmash Sword M
Brov Sword
Brov Sword M
Faladoom Sword

Barooga Sword

Barooga Sword M
Forgen Sword
Forgen Sword M
Expert's Sword
Expert's Sword M
Blood Sword 1976
Lunar Sword
Lunar Sword M
Minas Sword
Minas Sword M
Bakula Sword
Denir Sword
Denir Sword M
Howl Sword
Howl Sword M
Ice Blood Sword Recipe
Grim Sword
Grim Sword M
Daora Sword
Daora Sword M
Coloseum Sword 6720
Coloseum Sword M
Cavilla Sword