Relic Quest 12 items location

Where What Others
Stigia Swamp 4 double jump, use skill and jump again
Gehana Canyon of Death 9 Top left corner
Dista Cave of ice 3 Break the wall at bottom left corner Need Rock Cut Sword
Cave of Darkness Cave of Evil 3 break the wall at middle right Need Rock Cut Sword
Kamael Heart of Canal 3 break the wall at the top right corner Need Rock Cut Sword
Inferno Flame of Hell right bottom corner break the wall. Need Rock Cut Sword
Marlborose Forest of Fantasm 2
Makerusia Cave of Frost 2
Arbenus Essence of Doom 3 bottom right
Minaross Canyon of Guard 5 at the left bottom corner
Minaross Forest of Silence 5
TOP Tower of Punishment on the way to Ice Boss Need Rock Cut Sword