Ores are collected by pressing down at a "Ore Rock" while having a pick-axe in your inventory. Pick-axes only have a limited number of uses so having a couple in your inventory is a good idea.

Ore Hunter Points Sell Price Found at
Rock 1 1 Everywhere
Iron Mineral 2 8 Everywhere
Flame Mineral 8 26 Inferno+
Green Mineral 10 33 Stigia+, Distia, Kamael
Moonstone 12 41 Gehena+, Distia (Ice part)
Phaladume 13 45 Gehena+Cave of Darkness
Ice Mineral 14 47 Distia+
Bakura Powder 15 50 Gehena+, Distia+
Bacuarium 14 47

Cave of Darkness, Minauross

Extremely Rare

  • It has been confired that Bacuarium can be found in other rock deposits within the Cave of Darkness. However, the Hidden Cave (Use the Rock Cutting Sword in the Cave of Evil-3) contains the highest ore concentration of any room in the area and is still the best place to find this extremely rare ore. It can be found in the two deposits to the left. The right will only occassionally get you Green Mineral. It is much easier to find if you SAVE before mining, and if you don't get bacuarium, reload. Try to get a Black Stone Necklace and add 2 +15 collection rate souls to get a +40 collection rate increase.
  • Odds of finding a specific mineral in the Hidden Cave (out of 513 recorded mining attempts)
    • Iron: 53.41% (274/513)
    • Rock: 24.95% (128/513)
    • Phaladume: 14.62% (75/513)
    • Green Mineral: 6.04% (31/513)
    • Bacuarium: .97% (5/513)

(The odds are much higher when you save before mining in the Hidden cave.)

  • Bacuarium confirmed in Minauross (Canyon of Guard 1 & 3). Likely found (Theory as of now) in all areas after Stigia, but with the same low odds. DraconianArmy 00:43, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

HELL mode

Ghost stone 70 223 All Dungeons