Provided a table format for ease of use. Removed the soul drop infomation as it is redundant with information found on the Soul page.

Please note that all monsters will drop weapons and equipment of levels equivalent to the level range of the monster. These drops will not be recorded.

Monster Description Location Element Drops
Blue blobs with a red sphere in the middle.

Left side of Kamael Only



Empty Bottle

Varian A tall person with creepy white face and a black and yellow jumpsuit. Kamael None

Piece of Mask

Dumpa A sniper in a blue outfit Kamael None Cartrige Belt
Kuro A bat with blue hair
Kamael None

Teeth of Kuro

Small Stamina Potion

Mule A wizard with a pointed hat.
Kamael None

Magic Powder

Small Magical Potion


Horned demon with a scythe.

May summon Kuros.

Kamael - Bottom of Canal 2 only. None
Taras Black turtle. Kamael (Garden of Suffering only.) None Black Back Skin
Male Kuro Orange Bat Kamael Hunter Quest None
Zeromash Tall horned creature with a scythe. Kamael Hunter Quest None
Mambarora Blue Dumpa Kamael Hunter Quest Fire
Tetenga Dragon head and neck coming out of the water at the end of the platform. Kamael Boss None

Scales of Water Dragon

Shell of Water Dragon

Fyondumpa A red sniper with a flame thrower.
Inferno Fire


Tuto A green turtle with dynamite strapped to it's back.
Inferno Fire
Murian A clown dressed in purple.
Inferno Fire
Broken sword
Muton A purple dragon.
Inferno Fire
Dragon Skin
Fakmakun An evil sorcerer with firey hair.
Inferno Fire
Powder of fire
Rocktasha Red lion with an orange mane wielding a large sword.
Inferno Fire

Toenail of Lion

Cavewaacom A creature with a big head and sharp teeth that is red, white, and brown.
Cave of Darkness

Idol of Dwarf


Cavemorem A rocky creature with two big arms, one of which is shaped like a club. Cave of Darkness Black stone
Cavekuro A batlike creature with a clown face and green hair. Cave of Darkness Leather of kuro
Mulestocker A creature with a birdlike head and dressed in a black. Cave of Darkness Scarf of decoration
Caveoro A red and black gester-like creature. Cave of Darkness Sleeve Decoration
Blackstone Monster Black golem. Cave of Darkness Hunter Quest
Rocktapa Lion with a large sword. Cave of Darkness Hunter quest
Grushu A tall pink masked wizard Cave of Darkness Hunter Quest

Mental lvl 2

Wisdom lvl 2

Woodripper A plantlike creature covered in leaves and with two vine-like arms. Stigia


Small Magical Potion

Buggerupa A creature that resembles a green worm. Stigia Bug skin
Kararan A hive that shoots out poisonous swarms of insects. Stigia Sweet Honey
Nashara A blue creature with claws and fangs that hides underground. Stigia Nail of Neeger Monster
Uru A blue and white wolf. Stigia Uru Tooth
Naraka A man wearing a hooded robe. Stigia Hunter Quest

Sleeve Decoration

Crazy Followers Cloth.

Buru Large spider that drops from the trees. Stigia Boss

Iron Spider Web

Shell of Spider

Sandmorem A rocky creature with two big arms, one of which has a giant ax Gehena Light Atom of Will
Sanddumpa A blue sniper wearing black pants with a yellow stripe down the side Gehena Fire Refined gunpowder

A tan and black jester-like creature.

Gehena Sticky Fluid
Sandtaras A black and grey turtle. Gehena None Egg of Tarus
Sandtotu A green turtle with a white mask and a bomb strapped to its back. Gehena Light Mysterious Bone
Sandmuton A purple dragon with a grey mask on. Gehena None Rotten meat
Sandmakun A sorceror with a cone-like head. Gehena Water Atom of Sand
Sanduru A tan wolf with a red spiked collar Gehena Fire Hair of Sand Uru
Musfelon Big creatures with a machine gun. Gehena Water Proof of power
Muru Gehena Hunter Quest Light
Berus Gehena Hunter Quest None
Urusis Gehena Hunter Quest None
Totoga A yellow dragon head and neck. Gehena Hunter Quest None
Roocktasha Lion with a blue mane and a big sword. Gehena Hunter Quest None
Kara Gehena Hunter Quest Light
Bashabara Gehena Hunter Quest Light
Liam Gehena Boss None
Berserkvarian Tall green guy with a scythe. Distia None Proof of Crazy Warrior
Psychokuro Orange haired bat. Distia None Blood of Kuro
Horomurian A purple Murian. Distia Light Blade of Doom
Fatalmuton Purple Dragon Distia None Leather of Muton
Basaru Masked troll with a barrel of explosives. Distia Light Heat Pocked
Terrorocktasha A lion with a green mane and a big axe. Distia Water Furious Mane
Horosdumpa Blue guy with a gun. Distia Fire Lump of Gunpowder
Menkuro Blue haired bat. Distia None Blood of Kuro
Berserkhellon Gig green guy with a really big gun. Distia Water Proof of Strength
Wakuwakum Short guy with green hair. Distia Fire



Gias A tall blue guy with a tenticle growing from the back of his head. Distia Water Ice Tooth
Souless A floating blue diamond. Distia None Atom of Chaos
Tearsmorem A blue Golem. Distia Light White Soul Stone
Tearsmakum A wizard with orange hair and a brown coat. Distia Water Ice Pocket
High Slime A blue slime. Distia None Sticky Phlegmatic
Race A brown ghost with a big scythe. Distia Hunter Quest None
Lukia A floating yellow diamond. Distia Hunter Quest None
Blane An bat with orange hair. Distia Hunter Quest None
King Slime A really big blue slime Distia Hunter Quest None
Mowook A red golem Distia Hunter Quest None
Glashire A big bear. Distia Hunter Quest Fire Furious Mane
Laba A big brown bear. Distia Hunter Quest Water Furious Mane
Bormenta A man wielding a big sword in a room with three destroyable pillars. Distia Boss None

Proof of Guardian

Time Sand

Overripper Marlborose Thick Leaf
Oblubaran Marlborose Flower of Powder Madness
Rurupa Marlborose Thick Skin
Launashara Marlborose Tough Leather
Orodique Marlborose Cursed Book
Maku Marlborose Hunter Quest
Wakuku A pinkish colored clown. Marlborose Hunter Quest
Rugias Makerusia Light Ice Nail
Whitetaras A grey turtle Makerusia Light White Special Stone
Souleon A floating blue diamond. Makerusia Light Atom of Darkness
Tearsmule Makerusia Light Ice Powder
Souleater A greyish ghost. Makerusia Light Blade of Death God
Rodrique Makerusia Hunter Quest
Kalax A woman made of ice Makerusia Boss None

Eternal Water

Egg of Ice Dragon

Slime Road A green Slime. Arbenus None Cursed Thread
Deadly Wakum Short blue and red clown. Arbenus None Nail of the Dead
Oblivion Dumpa Grey Gunner. Arbenus Fire Rope of Spirit
Kudkuro Blue bat. Arbenus None Cursed Leather
Oblivion Macoon Floating man with blue hair Arbenus Water Forgotten Emblem
Oblivion Death A green ghost Arbenus None Soul of the Dead
Rocktashaguard A red lion with orange mane and a big flail for a weapon. Arbenus Water Devil's Blood
Blackhellon A large gorilla with a really big gun. Arbenus Water Emblem of Purgatory
Kudbasaru A big green guy with a barrel of explosives. Arbenus Fire
Grime A brown golem. Arbenus Hunter Quest None
Rocktarts A red lion with a large flail. Arbenus Hunter Quest None
Mist A brown ghost. Arbenus Hunter Quest None
Okugum A short green guy with a red shirt. Arbenus Hunter Quest None
Kurian Arbenus Hunter Quest None
Kira Arbenus Boss None

Proof of Assassin

Proof of Betrayer

Kiba Arbenus Boss None

Proof of Assassin

Proof of Betrayer

Narurupa A small green bug. Minaruoss Water Naru Secretion
Roadripper A big tree creature. Minaruoss Fire Old Root
Tutubaran An insect hive. Minaruoss None Imperial Gel
Bloodydumpa A blue gunner. Minaruoss Fire Safty Belt
Bloodymorem A red rock creature with an axe. Minaruoss Light Blood Stone
Kudmuton A purple horned dragon Minaruoss None Tail Thorn
Tantiro A masked red guy with tenticles for arms. Minaruoss Water Egg of Destiny
Ragehellon A large guy with a really big gun. Minaruoss Water Rotten Mushroom
Telulatasha A masked red lion. Minaruoss Water Cursed Blood
Redtaras A grey turtle. Minaruoss Light Red Powder
Bloodymule A black robed wizard Minaruoss Light Blood Book
Heavybasaru A masked green guy with an explosive barrel. Minaruoss Light Gunpowder Pouch
Nasharakeeper A blue burrowing monster. Minaruoss Fire Stick Shaped Bone
Devil's Heart A very large insect hive. Minaruoss Hunter Quest None
Kubara A blue burrowing monster. Minaruoss Hunter Quest Light
Heros A robed wizard with a goat's head. Minaruoss Hunter Quest Light
Drago A horned purple dragon. Minaruoss Hunter Quest None
Lamento Minaruoss Hunter Quest None
Greed Minaruoss Boss None

Illusion Powder

Illusion Tear