Okay everyone so what is the item market? For those of you that don't know it's probably one of the best places to get THAT item you need to be the best hunter you can be.

You can access the item market and online storage once you've created a free account with Bicore. You can buy/sell 10 items a day limiting One billion per day.

Now then anyone that reads this, if you want your items to sell keep in mind a good price on such item. The best way to find a good price is to "buy" the item you're looking for check the pricing around it and find a good place for your item.

Where it becomes a problem: There are people on this game that request ridiculous amounts of money for useless items causing the market to get cluttered. I'm going to try my best to offer some tips and a decent pricing structure for some items and maybe even one day update them all. So here we go!

Basic Tips Edit

  • If you have a level 1 item, don't try selling it for more than a level 2 unless it's actually better than the level 2 item.
  • Don't buy and sell junk remember you only get 10 total trades a day so make the most of them! Sell White equipment to the shop usually and your level 1 souls and normal monster drops to the hunter or to the store depending on your need.
  • Sometimes it's better to sell in bulk and offer a little bit of a discount.
  • If it has a lock you can't sell it in the shop, best to just sell this stuff as you get better equipment.
  • If you don't think you can sell it for more than 10k you might as well sell it to the shop. There are tons of souls, materials and rare and epic equipment that can fetch you 50k-200k-1m and more!